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A wedding day is full of beauty, and happiness. A bride awaiting her ceremony will be radiating with joy. There's every reason to smile; she has found that special someone; all her closest friends and family have attended; and all of the extensive planning has come to a close. The big day is now here, everything is perfect. It's only natural that a giant smile, and potentially some happy tears will follow.

If a bride experiences her perfect, special day; there's bound to be limitless smiles. Planning a wedding does not occur overnight. Extensive planning is needed in order to achieve all the desired features. It's these well planned features that transform dreams, into an enchanting reality. No detail is too small, but these details can be stressful on a bride-to-be. Sometimes this planning can become overwhelming. At the end of the day, the only thing a bride should worry about is how many pieces of wedding cake she'll have.

When choosing Crystal Rose, located in sunny Colorado; you are given a promise. Crystal Rose prides itself on providing incredible; features, staff, wedding packages, and services. We assist you on your planning journey, that way you can focus on finding the perfect dress.

A bride is sure to smile with her own expert wedding planner. Our experienced wedding planners have helped with numerous ceremonies and wedding receptions. We will provide a wedding planner who not only helps plan the wedding and reception, they make sure your day is perfect. You begin by choosing one of our five beautiful locations. From there, you will be assisted with your menu, décor, entertainment, and any other special features you desire.

Denver wedding receptions offer immense beauty. Crystal Rose understands the importance of memorable locations for your big day. That is why we offer two Denver area wedding venues, as well as our new Colorado Springs facility. These options provide; breath-taking mountain wedding venues, a stunning view of Downtown Denver, or lake view gardens.

Nothing makes a bride (and her fiancé), smile more than a well-planned budget. We offer affordable wedding packages for all budgets, working with you to achieve what you desire. We care about your special day, and want you to be overjoyed.

When it's all said and done, we want you to have a memorable day. Our goal is to have you smiling from the moment your ceremony begins, until the moment it ends. From there, you will have smiles that last a lifetime. Let us be a part of your special day, making sure that you experience the day you've been dreaming of