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Every detail is important on your special day. With that being said, if you did not get the exact centerpieces you desired; your day will still be amazing. You may not remember those centerpieces ten years down the road, but you will remember where you had your wedding. Denver wedding locations offer some spectacular views. Colorado wedding venues allow you to choose some breathtaking locations.

At Crystal Rose, we offer some incredible outdoor wedding venues, as well as beautiful indoor facilities. You have your choice of two Denver venues. Each venue offers it's own personality, giving you a great selection. No matter which venue you decide on, you're sure to have a memorable experience. Our two mountain wedding venues are; Crystal Rose Lookout Mountain, and Robin's Nest Lookout Mountain. At the Crystal Rose Lookout, you're situated at the crest of the mountain. There you have access to an outside Patio Garden, as well as incredible views. Robin's Nest Lookout is located a quarter mile away from the Crystal Rose Lookout location. There, you are able to take in spectacular views of the lake. With features like a gazebo, you're bound to have a beautiful ceremony.

Choosing a good location for any event is very important. If you are looking for best event location in Denver then visit We have many options for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The reception venue itself specializes in weddings, holding up to 300 guests. At Crystal Rose, we want to see that your wedding day is one to remember. Our venues not only come with excellent staff and services, the locations are incredible. Share your special day with us, and we'll be sure to make it a memory you'll never forget