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How to Save Money on your Wedding posted Feb 13, 2017

How to Save Money on your Wedding

1.  Last minute weddings can save you money because you are forced to simplify.

2.  If you plan a wedding way in advance however, you search around for the best prices, or wait for some things to go on sale.

3.  Choose a date that doesn’t fall on a Saturday.  This is the most popular day of the week for weddings, and higher demand means higher prices!

4.  Serving lunch or brunch at your reception can be cheaper than serving dinner.

5.  Add your own decorations to the cake.  Skip expensive fondant flowers and put use real flowers from your reception on it instead.

6.  Choose seasonal and local flowers to cut costs.  They will be much cheaper and won’t have expensive shipping costs.

7.  Try hiring a new disc jockey just making their way up, cost less, same music selection only difference is experience in flow of the reception and if you have a good coordinator keeping that going you are in great shape.  This can save you hundreds. 

8.  E-vites offer significant savings  on printing and postage, and are easier to organize.

9.  DIY.  Making your own favors, invitations, or centerpieces can save a lot of money.  However, allow yourself enough time to complete everything.  The weeks leading up to your wedding will be busy enough without having to worry about these little details.

10.  Make a list with your fiancé: Necessities, Splurges, and Optional Items.  Knowing your priorities helps budgeting.