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Denver Wedding Venues – Not All Are the Same

21 Questions to Ask to Get the Most for Your Money   


Not all Denver Wedding Venues are the same. Knowing what to ask, and how to decipher what is being offered is key to understanding if you are comparing facilities equally.  It is easy to pass up a great deal at a better reception facility when comparing Denver wedding venues if you are not knowledgeable about what you will need for your big day. Knowing how to plan a wedding can be a major task for any bride, luckily it CAN be learned by knowing how to approach the process.

You’re engaged! Now what?!

After the dust settles and the visions of your perfect day start popping into your head, there is one major task left to do…Plan your big day!

Weddings are a unique way to describe your and your partner’s personality, and to show your family and friends your love for each other.  However, planning can take up tremendous amount of time and money, and if you are not prepared, you may be in for a big surprise.

By following this checklist and doing your research, choosing your location from the many available Denver wedding venues can be fun and stress free!

First things first.  Know your budget.  Having a budget will ensure that you will be able to cover the necessary costs for your special day. Just because you do not have a vast budget does not mean you cannot have an elegant wedding.  It means taking the extra time to do the research on the vendors and locations available in your area. 

The next step is becoming knowledgeable about the services you need  prior to  even stepping foot in a business. You will understand where negotiations are acceptable, and what some Denver wedding venues include for a certain price, while others may not. If you are not familiar with the going rates, you may be overwhelmed by a bill full of add-ons and hidden fees unaccounted for in your budget.

Here are 21 questions to ask while you are visiting Denver Wedding Venues to help you know how to plan your wedding and maximize your budget

  1. What is the capacity?  This will help determine space needed to comfortably accommodate your guests and give you insight into determining your final guest list.

  2. Is there a minimum guest requirement?  Will there be a minimum number of guests you must pay for?  Most wedding and reception sites during “peak season” will have this.

  3. Are there any site fees, and how much?   Does the site fee go towards your overall bill, or is it just to reserve your date?

  4. How many hours are included for the rental?  Is this enough time for you so you do not feel rushed through your reception?

  5. What kind of a deposit is required?

    • For how much and when is it due by?

    • Does this go towards your final bill?

    • What does it cover?

    • Does this guarantee that your date is reserved for you?

  6. How long in advance does the bill need to be paid in full?

  7. Do you require a certain percentage for gratuity for the staff?

    • Some places may leave this up to your discretion.

  8. Is there an on-site wedding coordinator provided to assist with the planning process as well as day-of coordinating?

    •  Is this complimentary or is there a nominal charge for this?

  9. Are you able to have both your wedding ceremony and reception here and is there an extra charge for this option?

  10. Are the chairs for the ceremony included or is there an extra charge to have these?  How much per chair is it?

  11. If children attend your wedding are there children’s plates available and is the pricing different?

  12. Is catering provided on-site/in-house or do you need to find your own caterer?

    • If so, are there different menus to choose from as well as upgrade options available for the menu and/or appetizers?

    • Is this for a traditional “sit down” dinner or a buffet style dinner?

  13. Are the tables, chairs, linens, china, silverware and proper glassware an additional cost to use.   Is it included? Do you need to go through a rental company for this?

  14. Does the facility have a liquor license or do you bring your own liquor?

    • Does this allow you to customize the bar how you want    i.e. cash bar or host bar?

    • Does the bar close at a certain time?

    • Do you pay for an allotted time the bar is open for?

    • Is there a minimum you must spend on the bar depending on the size of your party?

    • Are there packages available to customize the bar, if so what liquor is included? Is there an option to upgrade?

    • Do you determine this price on a per person basis?

  15. Are there bartenders and wait staff available for the night?

  16. Is there a professional Disc Jockey available? 

    • How long is he/she available during the reception (start to finish or a certain number of hours?) If not included, how much per hour?

  17. If your reception goes past the allotted time for the rental, is there an extra charge per hour?

  18. Are there any other vendor services provided, or do you have to find other vendors elsewhere?

    •  i.e. cake, flowers, photographer, officiants, wedding coordinators, videographer

  19. Are there any cake cutting fees or is this complementary?  If yes, how much per person?

  20. Are there any other company fees/service charges that are assessed to the bill?

  21. Any clean up fees assessed to the bill?



    Keep in mind that although many Denver wedding venues may not provide certain vendors “in house” they may work closely with vendors in the area who are familiar with the site and have done events there.   Sometimes these vendors will also work with their pricing for you as well if you use certain Denver wedding venues.


    Remember, weddings can take up an incredible amount of time and money. You WILL be able to have the wedding of your dreams as long as you keep up with your research, and ASK these questions to the Denver wedding venues that you interview.