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Rehearsal Dinner posted Dec 24, 2015

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is held after the wedding ceremony rehearsal and is usually hosted by the groom's parents.


This is a time for the newly merging families to be together in a relaxed, informal setting, where everyone feels welcomed and special.


You can choose a setting as formal as a country club or a casual atmosphere created by  restaurant that has a special area designed just for your party.  There have also been many couples who have chosen to get the families and bridal party together for a dinner or barbeque at their home.  Remember, wherever the location, the purpose of the dinner is to have an enjoyable evening that puts everyone at ease and sets the mood for the festivities to come.


Either at the beginning or sometime during the meal, introduce your families and the bridal party.  You can add a personal comment about each one if you wish to make it more intimate.


The rehearsal dinner is also an opportunity for the bride and groom to thank their parents, families, and friends for their love and support.  They can also present their attendants with their gifts at this time.


The rehearsal dinner provides the prefect venue for special stories, toasts to be made and memories to be shared with those closest to the couple.  It creates the atmosphere of harmony for the blending of families and the love the couple shares for those they cherish most in their life.