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Ideas for a Winter Wedding posted Oct 15, 2015

Ideas for a Winter Wedding


You might ask, how am I supposed to plan a wedding in the snow?  First of all have a back-up plan of being indoors because most likely it will end up being indoors especially if your Denver wedding is in December.  Also, don’t have your colors be red and green.  That’s too Christmassy unless you want your theme to be centered on Christmas.  For your colors try a simple color palate like silver and white and blue with crystal accents which steps up the glamour at this wedding.  Red roses look polished for this wedding but you could also try going simple with a variety of white flowers in your bouquet wrapped in crystals.  For centerpieces try candles to add a sense of warmth to the reception.  If you want to splurge try going with ice sculptures or feathers with crystals hanging off of them.  Adorn the table with glitter to make everything sparkle.  (This will end up messy.)  For the drinks you cannot go wrong serving hot chocolate or apple cider, but mix it up with eggnog or white chocolate cocoa or a flavored coffee.  For favors try mini packaged hot chocolate mixes or other winter foods like sugar cookies or roasted chestnuts.  Try an elegant dress for your wedding to add to the glamour of everything try sleeves to so you don’t get cold if your wedding is outdoors.  Colorado weddings and Denver weddings in the winter are made to be over the top and glamourous so go all out!