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Groom's Cake posted Dec 21, 2015

What is a groom's cake you may ask?  A groom's cake is southern tradition that nobody acknowledges anymore, but is making a comeback.  It is made so that the bride can give her groom a present.  It is often served at a rehearsal dinner or at a separate table from the wedding cake.

The groom's cakes typically has a richer flavor like dark chocolate or soaked in liquor.  Also the cake is designed around the groom so try to plan it around a hobby or interest he likes. 

This is not a necessary item for your wedding but it is a charming little touch because it gives the groom a little attention when everything else is centered around the bride.

Legend has it that when a single women takes a piece home of this groom cake then sleeps with it under her pillow she will dream of her future husband.  Couldn't hurt!