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Choosing a Hair Style posted Nov 25, 2015

Choosing Your Wedding Day Hair Style


Choosing Your Wedding Day Hair Style

All brides want to look exceptionally beautiful on their wedding day. Everything needs to be perfect: The shoes, dress, make-up and, of course, the hair. Choosing the right hairstyle on your wedding day can be quite a challenge for a bride as it can make or break the wedding look. Will it be swept up? Will it be sexy in a pixie? Down and curly?


If you are a stressful bride to be, this article puts together some do’s and don’ts on choosing the perfect hairstyle on your special day.


DO NOT MAKE DRASTIC CHANGES ON YOUR HAIR DAYS FROM YOUR WEDDING. This includes cutting, dyeing, perming or straightening your hair. You need a couple of months to prep your hair and be comfortable with your new hair style otherwise you might end up with a hair color or cut that makes you don’t like and you have no time to do anything about it.


DO NOT LET HAIR ORNAMENTS OVERPOWER YOU. Sure, tiaras, shiny clips and flowers in your hair are fun. But remember, less is more.  Putting too many accessories in your hair will overpower your look and divert the attention from your face. Tiara or flowers add an extra oomph to short hair given limited styling options.


DO GET AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR HAIR STYLIST. You have to be able to trust your stylist. This is important so you can give them as much information as possible on how you want your hair to look. You could also explicitly let him/her know what don’t like. You might also need to do a test run with your hair stylist at least one week before your wedding day so you would know exactly how your hair will turn out. This allows ample time for additional instructions or slight changes to your bridal hair.


DO COMPLEMENT YOUR DRESS WITH YOUR HAIR. Look at your dress before finally deciding how you should style your hair. Your hair and dress should work to complement one another.  If you have a very ornate gown then you might consider an up-do to show off the details of your dress. A simple halter dress for a beach wedding looks best with long, wavy locks. A strapless gown can be paired with soft curls for a fresh yet classy look, or try an ornate up-do to add elegance.


DO GET A HAIR STYLE THAT WILL HIGHLIGHT YOUR BEST FEATURE.   Your hairstyle should show off your best features and hide your flaws. Put your hair up to highlight your long graceful neck and beautiful shoulders. Side swept bangs cover a large forehead. Curly and bouncy hair softens a strong, angular jaw.


DO BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR CHOSEN HAIR STYLE. Although you might want to be adventurous with your hair on your wedding day, be sure that you are happy and comfortable with it. Having a wedding day hairdo that you don’t feel completely happy about and doesn’t feel right for you can ruin your mood on your special day