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Country and Western Night

Howdy Pardner! Yer invited to a party! Slip on into some western duds, and mosey on over to the Crystal Rose. This is western country, and it is as wild and wooly as it has ever been.

Dinner Bell's A Clanging!

Come on out back and let us rustle up some of the best grub in these here parts. We put on a heck of a spread: Bar-B-Que, complete with all the fixins, or our famous Crystal rose buffet.

Try Yer Luck!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... we can add a casino party to your western theme. In our saloon, the wheel of fortune is aspinnin the winnins. The local boys are playing Texas hold 'em and black jack. Roulette wheels are wheelin and there's a lot of hootin and hollerin at the craps table. Next, take a turn on the dance floor. We guarantee that this will be the best dadgum party you've ever had.

Please call one of our expert party coordinators at 303-526-7530 to help ya round up the best ron-day-voo for your posse ever.

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Denver and Colorado Springs Round Up Venues

The Crystal Rose offers four Denver Area Locations that are right suitable for a Country Western Party, and folks say our Colorado Springs venue is mighty friendly as well. Or, we can saddle up, and cater 'n organize your party at any other site of your choosin'. Our locations are:

Southeast Denver Venue

9755 E Hampden Avenue, Denver, CO 80231 (Map!)

Our East Hampden location in Southeast Denver is like a southern mansion. An antique front & back bar with spectacular stained glass provides an elegant western setting. But, it's real fancy like, so don't shootin' your six-shooters inside!

A fireplace enhances the facility, and an oak floor adds what yer city folk calls elegance to this large event facility.

The Denver venue on East Hampden boasts a patio garden with right comfortable seats, an upstairs library for them that's good with letters, excellent sound system, oak dance floor, and everything needed for yur Country and Western Party.

Golden, CO Lookout Mountain Location

636 Lookout Mountain Road, Golden, CO 80401 (Map!)

Get out of the city to the Crystal Rose in Golden on Lookout Mountain! It offers fresh air, amazing scenery, and a great view of them fancy E-Letric Denver City Lights. It's got what fancy folk call yer "mountain am-bee-aunts" only twenty minutes by pick-up truck from Downtown Denver.

The Golden, Colorado venue offers outside patio garden and gazebo, oak floor, wonderful sound system and everything and anything needed for your western party.

Robin's Nest Party Venue

946 Lookout Mountain Road, Golden, CO 80401 (Map!)

1 of 2 Crystal Rose Metro Denver venues located way up on Lookout Mountain, the Robins Nest on Lookout Mountain overlooks a lake nestled in the mountains, with a great view of mountain scenery and the Denver skyline.

The Robin's Nest is only 20 minutes (by automobile, it's a little longer on horseback) from downtown Denver and is directly across from Lookout Mountain Park with amazing photo opportunities and great scenery. It's real Colorado!

This Denver area facility offers a beautiful oak floor, outside patio garden with gazebo (I don't rightly know what that is, but they tell me it's purty!), complete sound system and everything needed for your special event. The capacity for the Robin's Nest is 175 people.

Highlands Ranch Banquet Hall

8351 Southpark Lane, Littleton, CO 80120 (Map!)

The Highlands Ranch venue, will hold up to 400 guests, and features a beautiful terrace garden with lake views and a spectacular backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. And, it's got Ranch right in the name - what could be better for a Country Western Party.

Surrounded by a natural setting, Crystal Rose at Highlands Ranch offers a wonderful venue indoors or outdoors for your party. The Highlands Ranch facility is close to all of South Metro Denver.

Saddle up and ride to the ranch!

Colorado Springs Banquet Hall

2165 Academy Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (Map!)

Our Colorado Springs facility has capacity for right near 350 people. This brand spankin' new Crystal Rose location features yer oak floor, a great sound system that can play that re-corded music and party planners that will make your hoe-down a huge success.

The Crystal Rose Colorado Springs is newly remodeled and updated!

Give us a call at 303-526-7530 and we'll help plan your Colorado Country Western Party!

The Crystal Rose is much more than just banquet hall rental or catering services: We are Colorado's Complete Party and Venue Solution!

Country Western Party at Crystal Rose Denver Country Western Party Decorations Country Western Party with Dance Floor Country Western Party with Spiral Staircase Flowers and Cowboy Boots

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